Building target criteria

Add segment criteria

  1. In the Composer, click the All Users dropdown menu.
  2. Each available segment will appear with a before its name, and segment categories (sub-menus) will appear with arrows.
  3. Choose a segment from the menu.


Choose the operator

Each criterion, depending on its type (string, date/time, or number), will have a set of operators that you can use to change how the criterion is applied.

You can change the operator for any targeting criteria simply by clicking on the operator inside the target phrase. 


See a full list of numeric and string operators, and date/time operators.

Enter a value

For some operators (is, is not, is greater than, is less than, is at most, is at least, and is between), you'll need to enter a value. Just click the value to edit.

You can also add more than one value by clicking on the + button after clicking into the value to edit it. Likewise, you can remove a value by clicking the button.

Use multiple segmentation criteria

You can string together multiple segmentation criteria by repeating the first three steps step: select a new segment from the dropdown, change the operator, then add a value.

You can modify how these two criteria are used together to form the target with two options: AND or OR.  AND requires all criteria to be met for a user to match the target, while OR requires only one to be met.

It can get tricky building complex targeting rules.  See Using Saved Segments for advanced targeting.


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