Overview: Analytics Dashboard

  1. Sidebar. Displays all available reports, grouped into four categories: General, A/B Tests, Lifecycle Campaigns, and Messages.
  2. Filter/Group controls. Dropdown controls for adding a filter, group, or cohort to your report.
  3. Confidence interval and Date range. Controls to set the confidence interval (for A/B tests), and date range for the report.
  4. Metric Selector. A dropdown control to set the chart's displayed data.
  5. Graph options. Includes controls for chart annotations and viewing actual/cumulative data.
  6. Daily breakdown. Expand option to view data in a table by interval, and download options to export to CSV.
  7. Interval Selector. Options for how to display your data (by hour, day, or week).
  8. Metric tiles. A group of sortable tiles that includes relevant metrics and your favorited metrics.

Message Summary Bar

The summary bar appears above the chart area when viewing a message's results in the Analytics Dashboard.

  1. Breadcrumbs. Identifies the message you are viewing.
  2. Timeframe. Identifies when the message was active.

Switch between reports

You can quickly switch between reports using the Analytics sidebar. Remember, if you switch to a new report before bookmarking a custom one, you will lose any filters, groups or cohorts you had applied.

Switch between metrics

At any point, you can quickly toggle between different metrics by using the Metric selector dropdown menu at the top of the chart, OR clicking a different Metric tile below the chart.

The only downside to using the Metric selector is that the selected metric will not be saved to the report for later use. For that, you'll either need to bookmark the report or add the metric as a favorite.

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