New (2/6/2017): UX Improvements to Unique User metrics (beta)

We've improved the experience of viewing message goal metrics (in beta) and switching back and forth between non unique-metrics and Unique User metrics (in beta) in Analytics for messages and A/B tests.

Previously, when trying to switch to a unique user metric in the Analytics dashboard, you could get a banner message alerting you that the current settings on the chart weren't applicable to the unique metric (See Limitations of unique user metrics). The message would essentially prompt you to click a button that would fix the chart settings for you.

To make moving between metrics much smoother, we now apply the settings required to view the report for you right when you select the metric (so you'll see the alert banner less).

In the example below, you can see that when I switch from total daily users (non-unique) to unique users, the chart automatically switches from actual values to cumulative (which is required for viewing unique user metrics).

Other notable changes include:

  • We now default to the first goal metric instead of the sent/viewed metric. This will prevent empty metric tiles that only display "N/A" on page load.
  • We now automatically switch back and forth between actual and cumulative views when required to view the report (see example above).
  • We now show error messages that are more specific to the issue with your report. For example, if you try to apply a filter to a unique user report, the warning overlay will say "Date range must include the start of the A/B test or message when viewing unique metrics. To reset and view the report, click here."

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