New Beta Feature: App Inbox Images

Thanks for agreeing to be a beta tester for one of our newest features. Your feedback is essential to the continued improvement of the Leanplum Platform.

What it Does

We're excited to now support adding images to App Inbox messages out-of-the-box! Customers can now personalize and enhance their App Inbox messages to create more engaging experiences for their users.

This is currently a whitelisted feature. Please contact your CSM to get started.

Minimum SDK Versions

To use App Inbox images, your app must use a recent version of our SDK.

  • Android 2.2.0+
  • iOS 2.0.0+

Adding an Image to an App Inbox Message

  1. Create a new message and select App Inbox Message
  2. Choose targets
  3. Click the Image field to choose an image
  4. Upload an image. If possible, we recommend uploading images directly to Leanplum. Alternatively, you can provide your own image URL. 
  5. Preview the App Inbox message on your development device to verify the image displays on device as expected
  6. Click Start to send the message


Configuring your app for App Inbox Images

  1. If you have not already, download and integrate the minimum required SDK: Android 2.2.0, iOS 2.0.0.
  2. We have exposed two new methods within the SDK: getImageFilePath and getImageUrl. Both of these methods can be used to return App Inbox images.
  3. By default, we will automatically download all App Inbox images and their corresponding images on getNewsfeed. We have added an optional flag: disableImagePrefetching. This can be used in conjunction with getImageUrl if you prefer to use a third party library to manage image downloading.

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