New Beta Feature: Rich in-app messages (HTML5)


Thanks for agreeing to be a beta tester for one of our newest features. Your feedback is essential to the continued improvement of the Leanplum Platform.

Rich in-app messages are based in HTML5 and offer more customization options than our native in-app message templates.

New features

  • Hero images
  • Support for video and animations
  • Option to close automatically
  • Inline HTML support in text fields
  • Two-state buttons

How they're displayed

Rich in-app messages behave exactly like normal Leanplum in-app messages in terms of when and how they are displayed. This includes targeting, display criteria, and message prioritization. Unfortunately, the default behavior for overlapping (conflicting) messages is that only one will be displayed, and this can be random. However, we offer another beta feature (In-app Message Prioritization) that addresses this issue.

Minimum SDK versions

To create and use rich in-app messages, your app must use a recent version of our SDK:

  • iOS: 2.0.0+
  • Android: 2.2.0+

Star Rating

The Star Rating survey is a great way to gather quick feedback from your users. You can present a single question at any time: about a product they bought, a new feature they tried, or a video they just watched.


See Send a star rating survey for more.


The Banner template is a full-width, typically thin message that can appear anywhere on the user's device. It allows user inputs to other areas of the screen (unlike the Star Rating and Rich Interstitial), and its background can even be set to transparent (for things like tooltips).

You can even add animated images as the background image for an animated banner.


See Send a rich banner message for more.

Rich Interstitial

The Rich Interstitial is a more powerful version of our Interstitial in-app message. It can support up to two buttons (each with their own open action setting), as well as a close x button in the top corner. This allows for a common user interaction: a "decline, accept, or close" message often seen with terms and conditions.


See Send a rich interstitial message for more.

Coming soon: Custom Templates

You will soon be able to create your own rich message templates in HTML5, upload them to our dashboard, and instantly be able to use them in your app (without a coding change). You can add your own custom fields and options (like text, images, etc.), and your admins will be able to use our Composer to change those settings when composing a message with your custom template.

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