New (2/28/2017): Expanded Quiet Hours support for Email and App Inbox, improved UX for A/B-testing a message

We've expanded Quiet Hours to now include all server-triggered messages (everything except in-app messages), and a minor improvement to targeting a message inside an A/B test.

Quiet Hours now available for most messages

You can now set Quiet Hours on Push, Email, Webhook, and App Inbox messages (all messages except in-app messages). It was previously only available for Push and Webhooks.

Quiet Hours restricts when a triggered message will be delivered to your users, based on the time range you set for the message. The message will not be sent during Quiet Hours (in the user's timezone); instead, it will be sent the next morning.


Improved UX for A/B testing messages

When A/B testing a message, we caution that should ensure the targeting settings for the message and the A/B test match. The targets operate independently, so the targets on the message will receive that message, even if the A/B test's targets are more focused. 

To ensure our users are aware of this, we have added a check that compares the targets between a message included in an A/B test, and the targets for the A/B test itself. If they differ, we present this warning:


Note: We created our new Beta feature, Message Holdbacks, to simplify this step even further. Read more about Message Holdbacks.

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