How to find missing In App Message and Action templates

It's common for In App templates to be missing from your Message Composer. The Composer only displays In App templates that your app can use, based on: the version of the Leanplum SDK you're running (determined when you sync with Leanplum in Development mode), and the beta features whitelisted for your app.

In other words, some In App templates are only available in recent versions of our SDK, and some are whitelisted (in beta).

How to add and refresh your In App templates

If you don't see a message template in the Composer, then you may need to re-sync your app in Development mode, and manually refresh the In App Message templates in the Composer. To do so:

  1. Download the latest version of our SDK.
  2. Run your app in Debug mode using your Development key.  Let the app continue to run until you've finished this entire process.
  3. In the Message Composer, click the in-app message drop down.  
  4. Click the blue sync button in the top right of the window.  If prompted, register your currently running Development device. If this doesn't work, you may need to sync on the Variables tab too.
  5. Refresh the page in your browser. The new messages/actions should now be available in the dropdown menu.


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