View segment and user data and analytics

To see more detailed information and metrics about certain groups of users, you can filter by segment in the Analytics and Users Dashboards.

View details of a segment: Users dashboard

The Users Dashboard allows you to view how many users are in a segment, add specific users to segments, and perform other more advanced functions. You can also create, save, edit, and delete segments from the Users Dashboard.


Tip: You can send a message or start an A/B test for a target directly from the Users Dashboard. Click “Send a message to these users” or “Create an a/b test for these users” to go to the Message Composer or Test with all of your segment criteria pre-loaded into the target phrase.

See “Contents of” a segment

The best way to see the exact criteria of a Saved segment is to view its Contents:

  1. Click Add Segment in Users Dashboard
  2. Select “Contents Of”
  3. Select the Saved Segment you want to view details for.

This will show you the exact segment criteria, operators, and values that go into your segment. The Users Dashboard will also show how many of your users fit within this segment.

How many users are in my segment?

Above the right corner of the Target in the Message Composer, you can see the number of users in your chosen segment.


For additional information, you can go to the Users Dashboard to see which Users meet your target segment criteria. You can click on the Users button at the top right of your Target phrase to go to the Users Dashboard, or just click the Users icon in the side navigation. 

From the Users Dashboard, you can see how many users are in your target segment, send this segment a message, or create an A/B test for them. After seeing the number or makeup of users in your segment, you may want to modify the segment.

Find a specific user ID

If you need to find a single user's ID, use custom segments in the Users Dashboard to filter through all of your users.

For example, if you are trying to find your own User ID to add yourself to an A/B test:

  1. Log into your app
  2. Then, in the Users Dashboard, apply the following segment criteria:
  • Timing > Session start in user's timezone > is since "2 minutes ago"
  • Localization > city > your city
  • Technology > device model > your device

This will show all users that have logged in recently in your city and on your model of device. If you need to narrow it down further, add more specific segment criteria.

View activity and behavior of a segment: Analytics Dashboard

In Analytics, you can filter, group, and cohort users by segments. Use the dropdowns at the top of the Analytics Dashboard to choose which segment you want to see detailed metrics and charts for.


*Note that you cannot view Saved segments from Analytics. For more information on the full capabilities of the Analytics Dashboard, see our Analytics Help Center.

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