In-app message templates

Leanplum has a variety of message customization options. You can select an in-app message template or use a custom template to make your messages match the look and feel of your app.

Choose a template

  • Alert: One-button message. Best for simple, short informative messages.
  • Center Popup: Larger one-button message. Same as above, but with more flexibility in design and message length.
  • Confirm: Two-button message. Best for slightly more complex interactions (two actions: accept or cancel).
  • Interstitial: Full-screen message. Best of both worlds - design flexibility and interactivity. 
  • Push Pre-PermissioniOS only. A single-purpose lead-in message. Clicking “OK” always displays the iOS system-level push permissions prompt, clicking “Maybe Later” will save the permissions prompt for another time.
  • Web Interstitial: Full-screen message from the web that is opened in a web view. Similar to Interstitial.


What you can customize

The look and feel of the Center Popup, Push Pre-Permission, and Interstitial in-app messages can be customized directly from the Leanplum Messaging dashboard in the Compose section. You can modify the following visual properties for these message types:

  • Title font color
  • Height and width (Center Popup only)
  • Message font color
  • Accept button font and background color
  • Dismiss button font background color (not available on Interstitial)
  • Background color and background image for entire message

*Colors can be selected using a the color picker tool, manually entering the rbga value, or entering a hex code into the color field. <SCREENSHOT>

Or, create your own template

All of the out-of-the box Leanplum in-app message templates are completely open source in our SDK. You are free to modify these templates for an even deeper level of message customization. For more information on how to create custom templates that reflect the look and feel of your app, click here.

Open source template designs

All of Leanplum’s in-app message templates are open-source and fully customizable, allowing you to create a message that matches the look and feel of your app. This is useful if you want to add additional data fields such as "coupon percent to apply" or other custom elements to make the template match the look and feel of your app.

For more information on how to customize an in-app message template, see our docs for both iOS and Android.

Once you create a custom template, sync the template to your app in Leanplum by running a debug build on a registered developer device. Your custom template will now appear in the Message type drop-down menu in the message composer. The template will be labeled with whatever title you used in the custom template code. To use this message template, simply select it from the drop-down menu.



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