Email troubleshooting and FAQ

Check the following causes to troubleshoot an email that doesn't seem to be sending:

Targeting issues

  • Your device or user info does not match the Target phrase for the email message.
  • Your device was switched to a different user who is not eligible for the email and/or was not eligible at the time the message sent.

Delivery issues

  • Messages can take up to 15 minutes to be delivered through Leanplum. It’s possible that the message is still in the pipeline and will come through shortly.
  • Optimal time delivery takes several hours to analyze before scheduling the message delivery, so push notifications with same-day optimal time delivery may not send until later in the day or the following day.
  • If your email delivery has a Delay set, it won’t send right away unless you use the preview button with a registered test device.

Message content issues

  • If your message contains a user attribute or other custom text somewhere, e.g. {{"first_name" value}}, users who do not have a value set for this attribute will not receive the message.

Preview issues

  • Make sure that the email set to receive your preview hasn't unsubscribed.


  • The user has unsubscribed from marketing emails and this is a marketing email. If email categories aren't enabled, all emails are treated as marketing emails. With categories enabled, you can specify an email as transactional, which bypasses the unsubscribe status.


  • The email is in spam. This could be because the user reported emails from your domain as spam in the past or because the domain/IP has other issues.



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