Analyze rich survey responses (beta)

Leanplum tracks each of your star rating results with a submit event called  <message name> Submit. User responses are stored in the input parameter of this event, which you can view in our Analytics dashboard.

Requires the following versions of our SDK:

  • iOS: 2.0.0+
  • Android: 2.2.0+

View the survey results. Select your star rating message in the Analytics dashboard, then select the “Submit” metric tile to view the number of submit occurrences. To see the actual survey results, group the submit metric by “Selected Event > Parameter” and select “input” as the parameter.


Note: Since event parameters are not tracked in development mode, you won't be able to view developer responses in Analytics. However, you can verify your parameters are being tracked correctly using the Debugger console.


Filter the results. You can filter the survey results by other metrics including user location, device type, event occurrences, and more. See how to Filter data and Available filters.


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