Beta feature: Segment-Limited Dashboard Permissions

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How it works
Segment-limited dashboard permissions allow admins to limit other team members to a specific segment of your larger audience.

With a segment-limited permission in place, a team member will only be able to message, A/B test, and view analytics reports for users that fall within their assigned audience segment.

For example, if your organization has different team members in charge of different regions, you could limit each regional lead to only be able to message and analyze users in their region. Any of the segment criteria available in Leanplum can be used to limit audience permissions.

Which team members can create and edit limits?

Admins can limit permissions for all other team member roles. To allow a non-admin team member to limit permissions of other team members, you can create a new Role with Manage-level permissions for the Team setting.


Team members without admin or manager-level permission can see their own audience permissions everywhere in the dashboard (Analytics, Message Targets, etc.), but they will not be able to remove their audience permission limits.

Non-admin team members can still create custom targets and filters throughout the dashboard, but only within their limited audience segment.

Important: Non-admin-level roles should have Draft or lower permission for the "App" category in their role, otherwise they will be able to overwrite other team members’ saved audience segments.


See Creating custom roles and permissions for more on creating and editing these team member roles.

Create a permission limit

1 Create a Saved segment for your team member’s audience limit.

Permissions limits are applied to your team members’ dashboards as a Saved segment. To create the saved segment for a team member’s audience, go to the Users tab and create a new segment with the Add segment dropdown.


Click the Save icon to save your newly created segment. Make sure you give your new segment a descriptive name.

Important: If your team members are managing an audience across multiple apps, make sure you create the same Saved segments (with the same names) across all of your apps.

For more on creating segments, see Create a segment and Saved segments.

2 Go to your Team dashboard to edit team member permissions.

Admins can manage permissions limits in the Team menu, located at the top of the dashboard next to your app’s name.


In the Team menu, you should see a list of all of your Team members.

3 Apply your new Saved segment to your team members.

Next to your team member’s role is a Limit to option. Click the Users dropdown to reveal all of your saved segments and assign one to that team member.


With a permissions limit in place, your team member will only be able to message, test, and run analytics reports for users in their limited segment.



Contact your CSM for more information about Leanplum's beta features.

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