Team settings

The Team page allows you to edit your account settings, create, edit, or delete teams, and add or remove team members. All apps in Leanplum belong to a team, and all users that are members of a team have access to all apps that belong to that team.

Some Leanplum users choose to create multiple teams that provide access to separate apps for security and management purposes. For example, you may want to ensure that your developers and QA testers only have access to a QA version of your app, and your marketing team only has access to a production version of your app. To do that, you would do the following:

  1. Create two teams, one named “App Name – QA” and one named “App Name – Production”
  2. Create the QA app(s) under the “App Name – QA” team and the production app(s) under the “App Name – Production” team
  3. Add your developer and QA users as team members to the “App Name – QA” team
  4. Add your marketing team users as team members to the “App Name – Production” team

Account information


Here you can edit your account settings, including your name, phone number, email address, and password.

Team information


Here, you can find information about the teams you have access to in Leanplum. You can edit the team name, company website, and company size. You can also manage the team members and their permissions. You can delete a team only if all of its apps are deleted.

Add new member

Here you can add a new member to your team by entering their name, email address, and permission level. Users can be assigned one of the following permission levels:

  • Admin: Full permissions, including adding and removing apps and team members.
  • Member: Can view and edit content, messages, A/B tests, and analytics. Cannot create or delete apps or edit team settings.
  • Analyst: Can view and edit analytics. Can view but not edit content, messages, and A/B tests. Cannot view API keys.


Restrict dashboard access by IP address

You can restrict access to the Leanplum dashboard to a specific IP address as an added security feature. Restricting access will prevent team members who aren't on your IP address from accessing your team's dashboard.

Go to Team settings and click the edit pencil icon to set your Team's IP restriction. If there is more than one team at your organization, you'll have to set each team's IP restriction individually.


Without this restriction, team members will be able to log in to the dashboard from any IP.

Restrict team member permissions by audience segment (beta feature)

Admin-level team members can limit the audience segment each team member has access to. For example, if your organization is broken up into teams based on region, you could set a limit for each team member that only allows them to send messages to users in their region. See Segment-limited dashboard for more information.


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