How-to announce new features

This example has an in-app message appearing to all users. Users on the most recent version are alerted to the new feature and deeplinked directed to it. Users on all other (older) versions are informed that they need to update the app and are directed to the app store. 

  1. Name the message (Ex. “New Feature Announcement”)
  2. Choose Message type - “Center Popup”
  3. Add a segment for users on the current version that alerts them to the new version available. 

  4. Customize the message for both segments, with the default message a) for users on older versions informing them of the new feature and directing them to the app store to update, and a message for b) users on the current version with a deeplink to the new feature.
  5. Under the Accept action, select the "Open URL" action.
  6. Add the same segment (v6.0) to the Accept action, then add two URLs for a) users on the older versions to send them to the app store to download the new version, and then b) another URL for users who on the current version to deeplink them to the new feature.
  7. Choose Targets - All Users
  8. Under Display when, Choose trigger - “User starts or resumes app”
  9. Select the limit for the message as "up to 1 time(s) ever"




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