How-to delight users by recognizing achievements

This example shows an in-app message to users once they have triggered the event "completed review" 10 times, thanking them for their contribution and offering a thank you gift in return. 


  1. Name the message (Ex. “Achievement in-app message”)
  2. Choose Message type “Center Popup” from In-App dropdown
  3. Customize the message (Ex. "Congrats! You've completed 10 product reviews!")
  4. Choose Targets - “All Users”
  5. Under Display when, choose trigger - “User triggers event”
  6. Enter the value for the event the user must complete to trigger the message (Ex. "Complete Review")
  7. Choose Limit to - "When trigger occurs exactly X times"
  8. Enter the number to limit (Ex. 10)
  9. Select “Start” in the top right corner to push the message live


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