Increase user registrations with onboarding reminders

Everything your app does is dependent on users signing up, but life can be crazy, and it's easy to try something for a few minutes, get distracted, and forget to come back and register.

Rather than lose these users, with Leanplum, you can reach out to them directly and pull them back into your registration flow. This can significantly improve the number of users that register in your app.

Often, however, it takes more than a single message to onboard a new user.

Key Strategies

Send reminders

Rather than let your users wander around your app on their own, it's a good idea to nudge them semi-frequently, and lead them through each step of the registration flow. This doesn't necessarily mean you send every user the same (let's say) three messages. It's actually the opposite. You do want to have those messages ready, but you only want to deliver them to users that need them.

Be sure to:

  • Create reminder messages at regular intervals 
  • Personalize and design each message to lead users directly to the next step in the flow
  • Only send theses messages to users that haven't completed the process

That takes us to the next tip...

Use a Lifecycle Campaign

A Lifecycle Campaign is a series of messages combined into a larger campaign designed to "follow" a user along a flow (like Sign-up, Purchase, etc.), nudging them to complete the process.

Campaigns require an Entry trigger and an Exit trigger which means:

  1. If a user does not meet the Entry trigger criteria, they will not be entered into the campaign and will not receive any of its messages, and
  2. If a user is entered into the campaign and meets the Exit trigger criteria, they complete the campaign and will not receive future messages (if any).


For our app, let's set up a Campaign with a series of messages to remind users to complete registration.

In the Campaign Composer, set the Entry trigger to User first starts app and the Exit trigger to User triggers Event and set the event to signUp (be sure to use your own sign up event here). This will add any new user to the campaign, and remove them once they register.

Next, add two messages to the campaign (both push notifications), the first with a 1 day delay and the second with a 3 day delay. Both messages are triggered at the same time with the Campaign's entry trigger, so the first message will go out 1 day after the user downloads and opens the app.

For a refresher on how to create a Lifecycle Campaign, click here.

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