What happens to users in a variant when I change its percentage?

To maintain a consistent user experience, users in a variant will remain in that variant until one of the following happens:

  1. The A/B test is deleted.
  2. The variant is deleted.
  3. The user falls outside of the A/B test's targeting group, and the targeting is not sticky.

If the A/B test is paused and resumed, the user remains in the same variant.

If the distribution is changed mid-experiment:

  1. Enrolled users will stay in the same variant/control that they were originally assigned to.
  2. Only new users will come into the experiment at the new distribution.

In this example, the original distribution is 50/50, so half of the new users that come in (2) will go into the control and half will go into the variant

On day 2, when we adjust the distribution to 75/25. Only the new users that come in will follow the new distribution rules. Leanplum will NOT attempt to compensate for the higher percentage of control by putting more users into the control until the total pool of users is 75/25.

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