Creating a new team and adding new team members

You can create multiple teams across each of your apps. Additionally, you can also grant team members different permission levels according to their role within the organization. Only an Admin can create teams and add new team members.

Once logged into the Leanplum dashboard, click on the Team button at the top of your screen. From here you’ll see your account details. Scrolling below them you can:

  • Edit your Company name / Team name (defaulted to grayed-out “My Company, Inc”)
  • Add new team members by entering their name and email address. Once you click the Invite button, Leanplum will send an invitation to their email address.
  • Create a new team by clicking on the Add New Team button at the bottom of the page

Each permissions level in Leanplum comes with varying privileges, so when making your selection, consider what is required for each user to perform their role. If you want to change a team member's permissions level after initially adding them to a team, simply go back to your Team page and use the drop-down menu next to the user to set a different permissions level.

Note: Only Admin-level users can change the permissions level of other team members.

The available permissions levels are:

  • Viewer: Can view content and analytics but cannot make changes or view API keys.
  • Analyst: Can edit analytics (create & edit reports) and view content but cannot view API keys.
  • Marketer: Can edit analytics, edit messages, and view other content but cannot view API keys.
  • Member: Can view and edit content, analytics and API keys. Cannot create or delete apps or team information.
  • Admin: Full access.


You can also create your own roles with custom, feature-specific user permissions to better fit your organization. See how here.

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