Adding and registering a test device

Test devices are used for previewing A/B tests, sending test push notifications, testing in-app messages and viewing changes to your variables. 

There are three methods to add a test device to your instance of Leanplum.

Run a development build of your app on your device (requires a developer)

  1. Navigate to the Test Devices Management page by clicking on the Devices button found at the top of every page in the Leanplum platform. This is also where you can see a list of all test devices associated with your account.
  2. Note that a test device is unregistered by default. Hovering over your device will reveal a register button. This is required for syncing new or updated variables.

Find your existing user profile in the Users dashboard 

If you have access to your device ID, you can look it up directly.

  1. In the Users dashboard enter your device ID in the Lookup user field.
  2. Click the User ID
  3. On the User profile page, click "Register as a test device"

Alternatively, you can use segmentation to narrow down the list of devices to find your User ID. To find your own User ID in Leanplum, do the following:

  1. Navigate to the Users dashboard.
  2. Open the app that you need your user ID for and then background the app. You can now apply filters and/or segmentation to find your user ID.
  3. Add a segment for Localization > City and enter the city you are in.
  4. Add another segment for Timing > Session start in user’s timezone
  5. After is since, enter 5 minutes ago.
  6. Click on the search icon to see the user IDs that match the segmentation you have defined.
  7. You can verify that you have the correct ID by clicking on the User ID(s) below and seeing if the map on the user profile matches close to your location, and if the data on the user profile such as device type matches what you are using for a device.
  8. On the user profile page, click "Register as a test device"




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