Unexpected users in AB test

There are several ways a user can fall into an AB test which does not match the AB test's current target.

Previous versions

If you have previous published versions of this AB test, make sure to check that they all have the same target as well. If you have a previous published version with a different target, and the target is sticky. Then you will have users in your AB test who do not match your AB test's current target.

Users were forced into an AB test

On the user's tab, you can force a user into the control or variant of an AB test by clicking on the circle. A check mark will appear next to a user who is part of an AB test. Manually clicking this will force a user into an AB test, even if the user does not belong to the target. This feature is mainly used for testing purposes, to experience what the AB test is like in the application without having to match the specified target.

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