Are messages stored and sent locally or are they sent from the server?

Some message types are stored on the device for later delivery and some types are sent directly from Leanplum servers.

All in-app message types are synced on app start and displayed at the specified point in the experience. If a user meets the targets for an in-app message, it is then synced to their device, and will be shown at the specified Display when trigger event which is defined in the message set up. Locally triggered messages.

Note: Locally triggered messages (like in-app messages or locally triggered push notifications) do not work with our Quiet Hours feature. This is because the send is controlled by the local trigger, and not Leanplum's servers.

Some message types are triggered and sent directly from our server. These message types include Triggered Push, Webhook and email. Targets for these messages are evaluated at the time of trigger and at the time of send. The user must match the targets at both of these evaluations. Sending these from our server allows us to cancel the send in the case that the user triggers an unless event, in other words, a reverse trigger.


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