How many Users fall into my segment?

Once you’ve added all of the desired targeting criteria to your message or A/B test, you may wish to see the list of Users that match this new segment. Click on the Users button adjacent to your segment phrase and you will be taken to the Users page where you will see the Users who meet your targeting criteria defined as a segment.  From here, you can elect to send this segment of Users a message, create an A/B test for them, or perhaps decide you want to modify the segment.

On the Users page you can also view a list of all Users who match your filters. The list shows the User ID and device model of each matching User. Clicking on the User ID will take you to that User’s Profile page. If there is a person symbol to the left of the User ID, the User has a registered development device. To the right of the device model is a list of all variants the User is in for every active A/B test. A blue circle with a white checkmark indicates which variants they belong to. Clicking on one of the empty circles will re-assign the User to that variant.

Here you will find the count of Users who match your filters. You also have the following options:

  • Download a list of all matching Users as a CSV
  • Analyze all matching Users as a group in Analytics
  • Create a new message targeting all matching Users
  • Create an A/B test targeting all matching Users


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