Accepted formats for time based segments

Leanplum accepts many different date/time formats for use with our time-specific segment types, such as:

  • MM/DD/YYYY ex: 08/05/2015
  • MM/DD/YY ex: 08/05/15
  • X months/weeks/days ago ex: 3 days ago
  • month day at XX:XX AM/PM ex: March 5 at 12:00 AM
  • MM/DD/YY XX:XX AM/PM ex: 5/13/16 12:01 am
  • MM/DD/YY  XX:XX UTC ex: 5/13/16 00:00 to 5/13/16 23:59

If you would like to use the date operators to target "in between" time frames below are examples of how to do this. The example is targeting users who start the app on August 5th.

  • Session start in user's timezone is between "08/05/15 12:00AM" and "08/05/15 11:59PM


  • Session start in user's timezone is between "08/04/15" and "08/06/15"

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