Choosing a message type

You’ve decided to message your users, but the key question is, what kind of message do you want to send them? Leanplum has four main message types:

  1. Push notifications
  2. Email campaigns
  3. In-app messages
  4. App Inbox messages

To reach users while they are outside of your app, you can utilize push notifications. The targets, delivery, and copy of push notifications are highly customizable making push one of the most flexible message types. Note that Leanplum can only deliver push notifications to users for which we have push tokens, i.e., users who have opted in for push notifications. 

Email is another way to reach users outside of your app, potentially on another device. It is currently an add-on feature, but it does offer many of the same targeting and delivery features as push notifications in Leanplum. Learn more about Leanplum email messages.

To reach users while inside the app, you can utilize one of our in-app message types. These are great for announcements, promotions, feature updates and more. Leanplum comes with many templates right out-of-the-box and ready for immediate use:

  • Alert: one-button message
  • Center Popup: Larger one-button message
  • Confirm: two-button message
  • Interstitial: full-screen message
  • Web Interstitial: full-screen message opened in a web view
  • Push Pre-Permission (iOS only): Clicking “OK” will display system-level iOS push permissions prompt, clicking “Maybe Later” will save the permissions prompt for another time.

To send users a persistent, inbox-style message within the app, try App Inbox messages. 

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