Export analytics data

With Leanplum, you can export data from the Analytics Dashboard for any of your reports, or you can pull raw data using our API.

Note: Data from the Analytics Dashboard will be in PST; while data from our API will use UTC. So, be sure to account for that when comparing data.

Download report data as CSV

Below the graph in the Analytics section you will find a Daily Breakdown section with options to expand, download, and download all.

  • Clicking on download will download a CSV containing the exact data seen in the graph for the metric you are viewing, broken down in the same increment of time you have selected (hour, day, week, or month), and for the same time range you have selected.
  • Clicking on download all will do the same, but instead the CSV will contain data for every metric you have added as a Favorite, not just the metric currently viewed in the graph.
  • Clicking on expand will show you the same data seen in the graph, but as a chart.

Export raw data using our API

Unlike the CSV download, our API will return raw data. To accommodate large datasets, this process requires two consecutive calls:

  1. exportData
  2. getExportResults

You'll need to first call exportData with the appropriate parameters, then use the returned jobId value to call getExportResults.

You can see a full guide to Exporting raw data via the API.

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