Two Methods of A/B Testing

Adding new content or messages to your test

You can A/B test:

There are two different ways to add these pieces of content into a test.

Method 1: From the Messaging or Interface Center

If you have not already created a test, and you are in the process of setting up a new message or interface, then you can create a new test directly from that set up page by clicking the AB Test button. This will automatically create a new A/B Test based on whatever message or interface you were configuring. The targets and configured settings will be automatically applied to the A/B test.

Method 2: Directly from the A/B testing Center

Alternatively, you can navigate to the A/B testing tab of the dashboard and click on the Create A/B Test button. After defining your goals and targets, you can use the Add button below the fold to add one or more variables, messages or interfaces to your test.

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