New Beta Feature: In-app Message Prioritization

Thanks for agreeing to be a beta tester for one of our newest features. Your feedback is essential to the continued improvement of the Leanplum Platform.

What it Does

In-app message prioritization allows customers to set a priority value for two or more in-app messages which are set to display on the same trigger event. This is useful for customers who have many concurrent in-app messages activated at the same point within the app. As a customer, there was previously no way to say "I want Message X to take priority over Message Y," given the user is eligible for both messages. With In-app Message Prioritization, we have added this functionality.

The Priority field is located adjacent to the Display When box on the in-app message set up page.

When a single trigger event is set to display multiple in-app messages, the SDK will evaluate all of the active in-app messages, and only the messages with highest priority will be displayed.

Priority can be set from 1 (high) to 999 (low). If not specified (left as None), default priority of 1000 will be assigned.

Example Use Case

Say a customer has the following three in-app messages activated, all of which are set to display when “User starts or resumes app." Each has been assigned a priority of 1 or 2.

  • Daily Deal (priority 2)

  • Special Global Promotion (priority 2)

  • New User Onboarding Tip (priority 1)

Of course, an end user could meet the targeting requirements for none of the messages, all of the messages, or some of the messages. For our example, here are the four possible scenarios an end user could fall into:

Scenario 1: The user is eligible for multiple messages with different priorities.

The user is eligible for the New User Onboarding Tip (priority 1) and Special Global Promotion (priority 2):

  • On app start or resume, the New User Onboarding Tip is shown first, followed by the Special Global Promotion message.

Scenario 2: The user is eligible for multiple messages with the same priority.

The user is eligible for both Special Global Promotion (priority 2) and Daily Deal (priority 2):

  • On app start or resume, both the Special Global Promotion message and the Daily Deal message will show, in an unspecified order. 

Scenario 3: The user is eligible for only one message.

  • On app start or resume, only that message will show.

Scenario 4: The user is not eligible for any of the messages:

  • On app start or resume, no message is shown. 

How to Integrate this Feature

If you haven't already, just reach out to you customer success manager and they will add you to the whitelist for In-app Message Prioritization. This will reveal the Priority field in the Leanplum dashboard. However, updating to the newest SDK versions is required as well.

This feature is supported on Leanplum Android SDK 1.2.25 and higher and Leanplum iOS SDK 1.3.12 and higher. If the end user is still using a version of the app with an older SDK version, then the Priority field will be ignored. Meaning the user will get the same experience they had before this feature was released.

Please reach out to or directly to your customer success manager with any questions or for more info on how you could take advantage of this new functionality.


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