How-to reduce one-time user drop-off

This example sends a message to first time users if they have not been back to the app within 7 days. The message is then customized to their name (using a user attribute) and where they are located to increase the likelihood of the user interacting with the message. 

  1. Name the message (Ex. “Reengagement Push Notification”)
  2. Choose message type - “Push Notification”
  3. Customize the message. To learn how to insert dynamic values such as name into a message, click here.
  4. Under Targets, select “All Users”
  5. For Delivery, select “Triggered”
  6. Set the trigger to “User first starts app”. This ensures only new users will receive the push notification.
  7. Set the delay to “7 days” at exact time and after trigger
  8. Add an exclusion: “Unless user starts or resumes app”
  9. Set the limit for the message to "without limits"
  10. Select “Start” in the top right corner to set the message live

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