How-to re-engage dormant users

STEP 1: Name the message (Ex. “Dormant User Message”)

STEP 2: Choose Message type - “Push Notification”

STEP 3: Choose Targets - “All Users”

STEP 4: Choose Delivery - “Triggered”

STEP 5: Choose trigger - “View” in this example. Usually a key engagement point

STEP 6: Select delay - “3 days”

STEP 7: Send with exclusion - “View” in this example. If the user comes back and views, the message is cancelled.

STEP 8: Customize the message to include dynamic values for name and content interacted with.

STEP 9: Select “Start” in the top right corner to set the message live


Pro tip: If a user has uninstalled or has not enabled push, you can target an email campaign to users with Push not enabled. 


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