How-to increase revenue with upsells and cross-sells

For this example, when a user purchases a flight they are sent a message encouraging the purchase of a hotel in the same city. The message is customized to reference the city and the deeplink leads directly to the search page for hotels in that city.

  1. Name the message (Ex. “Cross-sell message”)
  2. Choose Message type - “Push Notification”
  3. Customize the message to include dynamic fields such as name and the item they purchased
  4. Select the open action as URL, deeplinking the user to the item to purchase.
  5. For Targets, select “All Users”
  6. For Delivery, select “Triggered”
  7. Set the trigger type to "User triggers event", then input or select the event of the purchase (Ex. "flightsale").
  8. Add an exclusion, and set it as the purchase event of the item you're looking to cross-sell (Ex. "hotelsale").
  9. Change the exclusion "triggers" to "triggers when parameter" and add the dynamic parameter to match upon the destination (city) in the trigger event. This will prevent the message from being sent to users who have already purchased a hotel room in their destination city.
  10. Select “Start” in the top right corner to set the message live


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