How-to encourage early monetization to drive customer lifetime value

This example sends a push notification to all users 1 day after they open the app for the first time, excluding users that make a purchase before the day delay is over. 

  1. Name the message (Ex. “Push - Early Monetization”)
  2. Choose Message type - “Push Notification”
  3. Customize the message
  4. For Targets, select “All Users”
  5. For Delivery, select “Triggered”
  6. Set the trigger by choosing “User first starts app”
  7. Set delay - “1 day” at exact time - (You can choose up to 3 days)
  8. Send with an exclusion of "Purchase" so users who have purchase are not sent the message.
  9. Select “Start” in the top right corner to set the message live 



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