How-to get more 5-Star App Ratings

This message offers the user the option to provide direct feedback rather than sending an unhappy user to the app store.

  1. Name the message (Ex. “5 star rating message”)
  2. Choose Message type - “Confirm”
  3. Customize the message to evaluate the users happiness. Based on the response, lead them to another in-app message that is specific to their happiness. 
  4. For Targets, select “All Users”
  5. For Display when, select “User triggers event”
  6. Enter the event the user must trigger to see the message (Ex. “Favorite”)
  7. Select the limit for the message, in this case after they have done the action 3 times. 


If the user says "Yes", lead them to the following in-app message:

If the user says "Rate Us", they will be lead to the app store for rating. If they say "No thanks", the message will close. 

If they initially said "No", lead the user to this in-app message:


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