App setup: How to integrate external Attribution services


Leanplum integrates with many 3rd party attribution providers. The providers send Leanplum a postback that contains all of the publisher information which in turn allows you to view the marketing channels in Leanplum as well as target by them for a/b tests or marketing campaigns.

Before you turn the integration on with your specific partner, you first need to confirm that your Leanplum integration is using the same device ID as the 3rd party you're hoping to integrate with. This is important as Leanplum matches the user install with the 3rd party postback using the device ID, so if they do not match Leanplum cannot report the data.

Once the device ID is confirmed, you can contact your 3rd party provider or log into their portal, and select Leanplum as the partner to send the postback too. You should then provide the App ID and Client Key specific to your Leanplum dashboard. These keys can be found by going to the following: Select the app list at the top of the dashboard -> Click on Manage Apps at the bottom of the list -> Click on Keys & Setting next to the app name in question.

Device IDs in Leanplum

In Leanplum, the device IDs are captured automatically, but can vary depending on the version of the OS the device is running. Our SDK sets the device ID to the ANDROID_ID on newer versions (Android 6+), and an MD5 hash of the MAC address on older versions. The same is true for iOS: new versions (iOS 6+) use identifierForVendor while older versions use a hash of the MAC address.

You can, however, choose to set the device ID mode or the device ID yourself. For more on how we set device IDs, and your options see our developer docs for iOS and Android.

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