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App Inbox is a way to send content to your mobile users. It is a standalone channel within your app, where messages persist until users engage with them. Messages on app inbox live in a single screen, so users always know where to access the latest content.

A major benefit of App Inbox is that it does not require push certificates, making it an especially powerful channel for those users who have not opted-in to push notifications.

App Inbox is designed to match the native look and feel of your app. For that reason, Leanplum doesn't limit you by enforcing a default UI for Inbox messages. Instead, we provide a fully customize, inbox-style container in your app.

Here is one example of how a customer could leverage App Inbox in their app:


Example Use Case

Sending an App Inbox message is just as easy as sending a push notification, email or other in-app message to your users. When creating a new message, just select App Inbox Message as the message type and set up your message as you normally would.

App Inbox messages can be anything that you would send as a push notification. Anything from promotional offers to on-boarding tips, and much more.

Some customers choose to duplicate all of their push notification campaigns and also send the message as an App Inbox message. That way users who are not opted-in for push will still receive the message within the app.

Common FAQs:

Q: Can we trigger an App Inbox message via an API?
A: Yes -- You can send an App Inbox message via the API, just like any other message type, via the sendMessage call.

Q: Can we programmatically fetch the App Inbox items?
A: Yes -- getNewsfeedMessages will return a response with the given messages.

Here's an example payload for the API call from the SDK:

    "time": "1.461783515473E9",   
    "token": "gaIIpLIORcqHwQDKa4z60weMfqrv9kRMigQG0epcd8o",   
    "userId": "748ac24dc97bc21c",   
    "action": "getNewsfeedMessages",   
    "devMode": "true",   
    "deviceId": "748ac24dc97bc21c",   
    "sdkVersion": "1.2.23"
Q: What is the structure of the data?
A: It is structured as a JSON blob/file.

Q: Can the Inbox item be force-expired?
A: Yes -- Deleting the Inbox message on the dashboard will delete it from the devices as well. We'll also be adding support for archiving newsfeed messages shortly.

Q: Does Leanplum capture a read event?
A: Yes -- If the user clicks on an App Inbox card, it will be tracked as a read.

Q: How are the Inbox items ordered? Can we control this? Is it possible to re-order or pin some newsfeed items to top?
A: The order of Inbox messages is customizable. Currently we return them in ascending order of send times. For a more complete documentation on the SDK, see our LPInbox.h public iOS header.
How to Integrate this Feature

This feature is supported on Leanplum Android SDK 1.2.17+ and Leanplum iOS SDK 1.3.8+. Once integrated, your developer can simply access the Inbox object by calling the appropriate Leanplum method.



Please reach out to or directly to your customer success manager with any questions or for more info on how you could take advantage of this new functionality.

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