Segmenting by language and location



  • Definition: The user’s city as determined by IP address
  • Format: Text
  • Example: Target Users where city is not Los Angeles


  • Definition: The user’s country as determined by IP address
  • Format: Text
  • Example: Target Users where country is Canada


  • Definition: The language the user has selected on their device. The language matches the language portion of the User’s locale
  • Format: Text
  • Example: Target Users where language is Spanish


  • Definition: The locale (language + country) the user has selected on their device used for localization preferences, including language, currencies, number and date formats. Note: the country portion of a User’s locale may not match the User’s Country. For example, a user may want to see currency formatted in pounds, but is traveling to the US. That User would have en_GB as their locale but US as their country.
  • Format: Text
  • Example: Target Users where locale is en_US (US English)


  • Definition: Target users whose physical location is inside or outside a custom-defined region (latitude/longitude and radius). The physical location is based on the best-available location data from the user's most recent app session. Typically, Leanplum will only have access to estimated IP locations of your users based on IP address geolocation. However, if your app has integrated Leanplum iOS SDK 1.4+ (with location enabled) or Android SDK 1.3+, and your app has obtained location permission from the user, Leanplum will collect the GPS location of those users.
  • Note: If the radius of your custom region is less than 20km, your segment will only include users with GPS locations. If the radius of your custom region is at least 20km, your segment will include users with both GPS locations and estimated IP locations.
  • Format: Custom Region
  • Example: Target Users where location is inside Los Angeles metro area


  • Definition: The User’s state or province as determined by IP
  • Format: Text
  • Example: Target Users where region is California

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