Creating a new interface

There is no setup required outside of installing the SDK in your app. To make edits to an Interface, hover over any element being displayed in your app to access all the properties that define how that element is displayed to our end users.  Common Examples would be to:

  • Change the color of a button
  • Change text in the app
  • Swap out an image
  • Hide certain elements from the view

The Leanplum SDK will read the type of file the UI holds and allow you to make changes of the same file type. For example, a button with text will allow you to make changes to the text and/or button. An image file can only be swapped with another image file.

Once you’ve made the changes you can save the interface. If you like, you can choose to Activate it for All Users, a Segment of Users, or A/B Test the Interface.

**Note: Some WiFi Networks block previously-unknown IP addresses from communicating with development devices.  If you encounter this issue whitelist the websocket call by which has an IP address of

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