Syncing resources and variables to Leanplum

Variables sync to the dashboard by running the latest version of the app with the variables coded in debug mode on a registered debug device. For more information on running in debug mode, please see the developer documentation under setup.

Note: If you notice a variable is missing, it’s likely that a version of the app without the variable coded has been run last. Each time you run the app in debug mode on a registered debug device, Leanplum checks for changes in variables and will sync to the last version of the app ran.

If you have a persisting issue with variables disappearing from a user syncing with the dashboard, you can revoke the developer key used by going to Manages Apps (located in the app name drop down) ­> locate the app in question ­> go to Keys & Settings next to the app name ­> see section called API Keys. Revoke keys by clicking “Revoke” and create a new one to sync with. Lastly, you’ll want to issue a new development key for use at the bottom of the menu.

Once a variable is sync'd to the dashboard, the value coded into the variable will be listed under the default in code. To change the value of the variable, you can make that change within the override.

Pro-tip: You can change values remotely or run A/B test using our Data Modeling API. Using the API you don’t have to statically define a value in your app allowing you to wrap that definition in our SDK so that we store the value on our servers. The values can be anything – files, text, numbers, lists, key-value dictionaries. Once Leanplum is aware of the value the change can be made directly from your Leanplum dashboard where you can publish changes to your users.


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