Sending a manual push notification

In addition to the variety of automated message delivery options available, Leanplum also allows you to manually trigger message delivery via the REST API, using the sendMessage action. After selecting Manual as the delivery option in the Leanplum Messaging dashboard, the message will only be delivered if Leanplum receives a sendMessage REST API call which contains the message ID of the message in question, and a valid user ID AND/or device ID.

Here is an example of what a sendMessage REST API call looks like:[ENTER_APP_ID]&clientKey=[ENTER_CLIENT_KEY]&apiVersion=1.0.6&action=sendMessage&userId=[ENTER_USER_ID]&messageId=[ENTER_MESSAGE_ID]

Note: The ID of the message is found in the URL when viewing a message (e.g.{APP_ID}/messaging/scheduled/{MESSAGE_ID})

For more information, please review our REST API documentation here.

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