Previewing a message on your test device

Leanplum allows you to easily preview messages on your test devices before setting the message live. This is recommended prior to activating any campaigns for your production audience. To preview a message, do the following:

  1. Be sure you have registered your test device.
  2. Navigate to the message you would like to preview.
  3. Click the Send Preview button below the pictured phone in Messaging dashboard at any time to immediately view this message on your registered developer devices. This will send the preview to all devices shared by your user id.

    For example, if you have logged in on multiple devices in the past, Leanplum will send the preview to all of them.
Note: Users running a build with development key and registered test device can preview all types of messages. Users running a build with production key and registered test device can preview only push notifications.

"Active for test devices" for triggered messages

If you have a triggered message that is unpublished or paused with unpublished changes, you'll see another option below Send Preview: "Active for test devices."

  • If checked, your unpublished changes will be sent as the preview (when its trigger occurs).
  • If unchecked, the published changes (previous version) will be sent (when its trigger occurs).
Note: This option only appears for messages with a triggered delivery (i.e. triggered email, app inbox, push, and all in-app messages). Scheduled and immediate messages can only be previewed with the "Send Preview" command.

Remember: You must complete the trigger (that you set) to see the preview of a triggered message.

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