Building your first Lifecycle marketing campaign

One of the most common use cases for creating a Lifecycle Campaign is to re-engage lapsed users. As such, this is a great campaign to set up as your first Lifecycle Campaign.

We are going to create a campaign that users will automatically be placed in as soon as they first start the app. Every time they start the app, they will enter a queue that will send them a series of messages once a designated amount of time has passed; if they come back into the app before they should receive one of the messages, they will not receive that message and will instead be placed back at the beginning of the queue. Here is how to create this campaign:

  1. Navigate to the Messaging dashboard
  2. In the Lifecycle Campaigns section of the main Messaging page, click on Create Campaign
  3. Name your campaign Lapsed Users by clicking on the New Campaign field and replacing the text
  4. For the Entry Trigger, select User starts or resumes app. This is the action a targeted user must do in order to be dropped into the campaign.
  5. For the Exit Trigger, select User starts or resumes app. This is the action a user must do in order to be released from the campaign.
  6. Click on Add Message to add your first message.
  7. Name your message and select whichever triggered message type you want to use (typically push). Add in whatever message copy you would like to use. You'll notice that targets and entry and exit triggers have been automatically inherited from the Lifecycle campaign to the message.
  8. Set the delay you would like to use; for this example, set the delay in this first message for 3 days. This represents how long after triggering the entry trigger Leanplum will wait until sending the push.
  9. Start the message
  10. Click back to return to the main page for this Lifecycle Campaign. You’ll see a timeline of all messages that are part of this campaign; to the left of the first message you created it will say 3 Days.
  11. Repeat steps 6-10, creating two more messages with delays of 5, 7, and any other denomination of days that you like
  12. When ready, click on Start Campaign from the main page for this Lifecycle Campaign

Congratulations, you’ve created your first Lifecycle Campaign! Feel free to contact for more Lifecycle Campaign recipes or any other questions.

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