Metrics for event/state parameters

For events and states, Leanplum lets you track results for their numeric parameters. To view a metric based on a numeric parameter:

  1. Click on the + metric tile at the bottom of the Analytics Dashboard.
  2. Select any event from the left pane of the Choose a Metric window.
  3. Check whether the parameter you would like to use is listed under Parameters in the middle pane.
  4. If the parameter is not listed, click on Edit. This will open a new window.
  5. Click the checkbox next to the parameter you would like to use, then click Save
  6. Now, the parameter should appear in the middle pane. Select it. You should see the follow metrics to choose from:
    1. Total sum of <parameter>
    2. Average <parameter> per occurrence
    3. Total <parameter> per session
    4. Total <parameter> per daily user
  7. Choose the metric you'd like to add.
  8. Click Finish

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