OR Targeting and Filtering

- OR targeting is available for our segmentation on Messaging, A/B tests, Analytics and Users tab. Clicking on the operator AND gives the option to change it to OR.

- If there are two or more fields, there is an AND boolean that connects the sections by default. Clicking the AND boolean will give the option to select either AND or OR to connect the two sections that are neighboring it.

- If the user selects the OR boolean, the two options neighboring the boolean should combine together into one section, with an OR operation.


- To have OR operators at a field level (e.g. App version is 1.0 or 1.1), simply click on the first item and a "+" sign will appear which allows you to add additional items to the clause.

- Changing an OR back to an AND will break up the larger section into smaller sections.

- Some examples:
(A OR B) AND C , changing the AND to an OR → (A OR B OR C)
(A OR B) AND (C OR D), changing the AND to an OR → (A OR B OR C OR D)

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