2016-07-21 : Leanplum Activity Feed, OR Targeting, Reverting Revisions, A/B tests in users page

Leanplum Activity Feed
* Receive notifications on changes made on the Leanplum dashboard (e.g. Slack integration)
* To enable this feature, go to App Settings -> Keys & Settings -> Activity Feed
* Alerts being tracked:

Receive updates when Messages, AB Tests, Messages in Lifecycle Campaign or Variables are Published, Paused, Un-paused, Finished, or Deleted.

App Settings: Uninstall Tracking, Message Caps, Push Certificates, Leanplum API Keys

OR Targeting
* Available anywhere where segments are available, filter by on the analytics page, targeting for ab tests, messages and UI versions, and filtering on the users tab.
* Clicking on the operator AND gives the option to change it to OR

Reverting Revisions
* Enabled the ability to revert to a previous version of AB test, message, variables
* Hovering over an item in the revision history presents a link named Restore. If clicked, makes a new version with the settings set to that older version.
* This link is only available when there is no draft version and if it's an AB test, if it’s not finished.

A/B tests in users page

* A/B tests only shows when opening a specific user id profile.

* To view the control or variants that users fall into, you can use the download CSV feature instead

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