How to enable Leanplum Activity Feed

What is the activity feed? 

Receive notifications on changes made on the Leanplum dashboard (e.g. Slack integration).

Alerts being tracked include: Messages, AB Tests, Messages part of a lifecycle campaign and Variables: Publish, Pause, Un-pause, Finish, Delete actions.

App Settings being tracked include: Uninstall Tracking, Message Caps, Push Certificates, Leanplum API Keys

Get Leanplum Updates in Slack

To set this up, you need to create a new incoming webhook integration in Slack, then add the resulting Slack Webhook URL as your Activity Feed Webhook URL in Leanplum.

Set up a new incoming webhook integration in Slack

  1. Create a new incoming webhook. Click here.
  2. Choose the Slack channel you want the Leanplum updates posted to.
  3. Click Add Incoming Webhook Integration.
  4. Configure the integration settings (focus on things like the icon and name, which will be displayed whenever a new message is posted).
  5. Copy the Webhook URL
  6. Click Save Settings create the incoming webhook.

Add the Webhook URL to your Leanplum Settings

To enable this feature, go to App Settings -> Keys & Settings -> Activity Feed. Then, paste the Slack webhook URL created above as the Activity Feed Webhook URL.

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