Overview: Messaging Dashboard

Messaging Overview is the new central hub of the Leanplum dashboard for all of your messaging channels. Here you can view all of your messages, the number of users they went to, and how they performed, all in one place.

What it Does

Messaging Overview is the new default view when you click the Messaging tab. It is the new central hub for all of your messages. You can quickly filter, sort, and name-search messages directly from this page to get the exact list of messages you are looking for. 

Filter by message Status, Type, or Delivery by clicking on the column header

Sort messages by any column header: Status, Name, Type, Delivery, Sent, Engaged, Engagement Rate, if the message is in an A/B test, and time last Edited

Search messages by name

Once you've found the message you're looking for, you can quickly navigate to a message's Analytics page or Edit it's setup -- simply hover over the message and additional options will appear in the Edited column.

You can also filter the list of messages by the days they were active, and whether they were one-time batch, or ongoing triggered messages.

Also right from Message Overview, you can quickly jump to the Calendar UI to view your comprehensive communications schedule, or click to Create a new Message or Campaign.

Please reach out to support@leanplum.com or directly to your customer success manager with any questions or for more info on how you could take advantage of Messaging Overview. 

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