App Setup: Integrate with mParticle (iOS-CocoaPods)

To integrate with mParticle via CocoaPods, the following steps will need to be taken. 

1. Add a Podfile

In terminal, navigate to your app's directory. Add a podfile to your app by running the following command: 

$ pod init

Open your podfile by running the following command: 

$ open -a Xcode Podfile


2. Inserting and Installing the mParticle-Leanplum

Insert the following line of code into your Podfile: 

pod 'mParticle-Apple-SDK'
      pod 'mParticle-Leanplum'


You will also need to include:

source ''


Your podfile should look like the following: 

Now, install the Pods by running the following command: 

$ pod install

3. Setting up AppDelegate 

Then, to appropriately run mParticle, you will need to set your AppDelegate as follows: 

 You will need to include: 

#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>

#if defined(__has_include) && __has_include(<mParticle_Apple_SDK/mParticle.h>)

#import <mParticle_Apple_SDK/mParticle.h>


#import "mParticle.h"


In your AppDelegate.h

Then, in your AppDelegate.m, you will need to add: 
# import <Leanplum/Leanplum.h> 

In order to call any Leanplum advance feature. Additionally, you will need to include: 

MParticle sharedInstance] startWithKey:@"KEY_GOES_HERE"


In didFinishLaunchingWithOptions. This call automatically calls Leanplum Start. After this call, you can call Leanplum calls such as [Leanplum setUserId:@"exampleUser"];

As reference, your AppDelegate.m could appear as follows:

If you have any questions, please feel free to email 

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