Why am I seeing an unknown segment in the variant of my a/b test?

You have started an a/b test. You later notice that a segment is listed within the variant of the a/b test but you cannot remove it. Why is the segment there and how can I remove it? 

The unknown segment here is targeting version 2.0 and has a default value of "Open".

The segment was added directly on to the variable on the variables page. When you add a segment to the variable on the variables page, that segment also gets ported over to the a/b test it's live in so you don't risk changing that specific group's experience. 

The "override" value applied on the variables page to the segment will be ported over the a/b test in the control variant. 

If you remove the segment from the variable on the variables page, you'll then be able to remove it from the test as well. 

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