Personalize your message

Creating personalized message copy is very important for providing your users with an exceptional user experience. Leanplum allows you to utilize dynamic elements in order to deliver messages tailored to each unique person using your app.

Add Dynamic content

For example, let’s say you want to personalize a message by inserting a user’s first name. As long as you are sending Leanplum a user attribute with the user’s first name you can set up message copy which will dynamically populate this value for each unique user.

Here is how you would set that up in your message copy (assuming the user attribute is called “first_name”):

  1. Navigate to the message copy section for any message
  2. Place your cursor where you would like to add a dynamic element such as a first name, and click on the curly brackets {{
  3. In the Insert value modal window, open the Value dropdown menu.
  4. Select User attribute from the menu. You will see a list of all user attributes you are sending to Leanplum. For this example, type in "first_name".
  5. Click on the Insert button. You will see the following added to your message: {{"first_name" value}}. This syntax is a placeholder value; it will be replaced with the value of the first_name attribute tied to the specific user that receives this message.

The Insert value menu utilizes the same segmentation options as are used for targeting, and thus can be used to dynamically populate a message with user attributes, event parameters, and a wide variety of additional data. Please review our Personalization section to see more information on all the data types which can be added to a message.

See the Leanplum Templating Language to learn how to further customize your messages.


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