New This Week (9/22/2016): Link from Reports to Tests and Messages, Cross-team Copying, Insert Value Improvement

Link from Analytics Directly to Message or A/B Test

Link to an A/B Test Composer or Message Composer page, directly from it's respective Results page

Customers no longer have to navigate back to the A/B test or message tab and manually search for the study, making it easier to flip back and forth between set up and results pages

Support for Cross-team Copying

Added support for copying messages and A/B tests to apps on any team for which you have Write permission level, regardless of the app's parent team

Improved Insert Value UX

We've improved the UX of the Insert Value button, which is how you can personalize the content of your messages. This is now denoted by a {{ button in the Message Body field and opens a modal picker when clicked.

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