Feature Announcement: Email - 10/14/2016

It's email, from Leanplum

Now, you can send marketing emails right from Leanplum, with Leanplum smarts.  It's a powerful way to reach users, test, track, and get results.  Like other messages from Leanplum, email comes built-in with A/B testing, Targeting, and Analytics.  

Your own designs

Make it yours.  Create your own templates in HTML, from scratch, or paste in HTML from an old favorite.  

Say "Hello" or "Konnichi wa"

Ditch the form email.  Personalize emails based on what you track in Leanplum. The subject line and the email itself can be tailored to each user.

Send it to the right people

Don't blast, market smart.  Send the right message to the right users.  You can target by user behavior, like how they're using your app, or by app version, location, technology, or user attributes.

Send it now, or send it later

Timing is everything.  You can send an email immediately, or set it to send after a user event, state, or attribute change.  Or, just pick a time.  Or, hey, let us do it for you.  With Optimal Time, Leanplum's algorithm picks the perfect time for each user based on each their past usage.

A/B test it

There's A, and there's B.  Get the winner.  Leanplum emails can be A/B tested, or included in an A/B test.  You can A/B test little things like comparing subject lines, or you can test the big stuff like sending vs. not sending the email.  

Create something special with Lifecycle campaigns

It doesn't stop with one email.  Sometimes, your users need a nudge, or two.  With Lifecycle Campaigns, you can create a series of pre-planned messages, each set to a specific trigger, or criteria to send.  They can be emails, in-app messages, or push notifications, so reaching users right when and where you want is easy. And you can keep reaching them as they use your app. 

Track results

Results matter.  Leanplum tracks opens, clicks, unsubscribes, as well as delivery metrics like drops, delivers, and bounces.  So, you'll know what works and what doesn't. 

Get started

To get started, contact support@leanplum.com or reach out directly to your customer support manager.

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